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Crown Point, Indiana
Homeowner Insurance Claim

Insurance Settlement Dispute 

Roofing Artisans as Insurance Consultant


In August 2020, a home in  Crown Point, IN, owned by a 92-year-old woman, suffered wind damage. The insurance adjuster inspected Ms. Julian's home and offered a settlement of $11,000 - an amount well under the amount needed for proper restoration.    


  • The original wood shingle roof was covered by two layers of asphalt shingles.

  • Insurance company did not know fully comprehend the problems of multi-layered construction and the mix of asphalt and wood shingles. 

  • ​Industry Standard and Best practice for Storybook roofs not known by insurance companies.

  • Materials needed type, quality, quantities not familiar to insurance companies.

  • Ms. Julian could not find a local contractor that was familiar with storybook roofs

  • Ms. Julian wanted a wave-coursed design but the budget was limited due to the costs of tearing off three layers of shingles.  


  • Ms. Julian (and her daughter Jaye) contacted Roofing Artisans and enlisted Roofing Artisans as an Insurance Consultant

  • Roofing Artisans assisted Ms. Julian providing  roof and insurance consultation and insurance advocacy.

  • Brian Calamita of Roofing Artisans worked with the insurance company to establish the specialty nature of Ms. Julian's roof. 

  • For 2-1/2 years, Brian Calamita pursued a fair settlement through:

    • Hundreds of conversations and emails

    • Legal filings and complaints to the Department of Insurance of Indiana

    • Invoking Arbitration rights. 

  • In February 2023, this year, Ms. Julian finally received a final settlement of $200,000.

  • Roofing Artisans was hired to complete the work and will install an asphalt wave-coursed storybook style roof. 


  • Free initial consultation

  • Roofing Artisans will guarantee a fair insurance settlement on your behalf

  • You are under no obligation to hire Roofing Artisans for repair of your roof.

  • We can also act as project managers with your roofers to ensure best practices and proper compliance with local and state ordinances.


Brian Calamita

Maximize your Storybook roof settlement with the experts at Roofing Artisans.  Large settlements will likely be challenged by your insurance company. Roofing Artisans can manage this process for you.

Wave-Course Asphalt


The asphalt roof Roofing Artisans has designed for Ms. Julian involves a unique proprietary process developed by Brian Calamita of Roofing Artisans.  It is the first of its kind offering the whimsical appeal of a traditional storybook roof using asphalt shingles rather than cedar wood.  

Over the next months, we will highlight each stage of the restoration in our news section and newsletter.  Subscribe below to follow this fascinating new process. 

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Roofing Artisans brings proven experience to challenge insurance companies on your behalf.  To ensure your best possible outcome. Don't settle with your insurance company, until you properly understand your rights! .

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