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Wave-coursing is a roofing style that emphasizes a curving, flowing look. By steam-bending the shingles and overlapping them, we bring this look to life.

From This to This

Roofing Artisans combines its unique design styles with superb craftsmanship and the highest quality sustainable cedar shingles.

At Roofing Artisans, we are artists first and foremost. For over 20 years, we have been adding an elegant, inspired touch to homes across the nation. We design, manage, and build roofs in the storybook style, which is a roofing style that incorporates gentle curves and custom-made, steam-bent wood shakes.

Roofing Artisans is one of the only roofing contractors in the nation that provides this work. Each storybook roof we build starts with the finest cedar shakes. We use Grade 1, Blue Label, certified 100% vertical grain and 100% edge grain Western Red Cedar shingles. 

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