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We return your storybook home to its former glory

Storybook Roof Repair

Our Mission

At Roofing Artisans, we are artists first and foremost. For over 20 years, we have been adding an elegant, inspired touch to homes across the nation. We design, manage, and build roofs in the storybook style, which is a roofing style that incorporates gentle curves and custom-made, steam-bent wood shakes. Roofing Artisans is one of the only roofing contractors in the nation that provides this work. 

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Our Purpose

We travel the country to service homes of all kinds, from New York to Louisville and beyond. Thanks to our talent and experience, we’ve been chosen by landmark commissions to restore historically significant buildings.

Roofing Artisans is the premier storybook roofing contractor in the country that specializes in historical storybook roof construction, which could include storybook Tudor construction, storybook arts and crafts construction, Disney structures, fanciful roofs, gingerbread roofs, steam-bent, thatch-style, and wave-coursed roofs.

Roofing Artisans’ work is unmatched, focused on design and art that will last a lifetime and add unparalleled value to your home or project.

Cottage Roof Repair and Restoration

Storybook Homes

Storybook houses, also known as fairytale houses, are inspired by rustic cottages and quaint, whimsical designs. If the house looks like it could be in a folktale, then it’s a storybook house. These houses mix the styles of French farmhouses, English cottages, and medieval architecture. They often include thatched or wave-coursed roofs.

A Roofing Artisans Finished Job
Brian Calamita

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