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Treated Front Door Arch

Front Door Arch

For the front entryway, I applied many techniques to achieve the look I wanted; extra coursing, dead-end coursing, varied exposure, random patterning and ART! 

Patterned Roof

Post-treatment of roof to show patterning and complete roof section.

Patterned Roof by Roofing Artisans
Straight-Course Cedar Shingle Pattern

Garage with Straight-Coursing

Garage roof with straight-coursing and extra coursing at roof hips.

Entryway Profile 

Side-profile front entryway. Notice the dead-end courses and extra courses top left.

Dead-End Courses

York, PA  Storybook Roof

York, PA storybook roof complete. 

York PA Storybook Roof
A-roof treated.jpg

Treated Roof Shingles

Roof was treated today with a preservative to help extend roof life. Treatment adds beauty and richness to the roof.

Brian Calamita

Easy to get nostalgic now that we’re near job completion. 4 months of work with 70-80 hour weeks, 8000-10,000 hand-bent, steam-bent cedar shingles, an incredible amount of detail and logistical planning. 

Brian Calamita Roofing Artisans
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